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Want to know more about our champion Marie Moulin? Read her tips!

Marie Moulin is a French pole dancer, French champion 2018, practicing pole dance since more than 6 years. She is also an osteopath. Two professions that go very well together and that she loves passionately.

Our team: Marie, what is your advice as an osteopath?

Marie: As an osteopath I strongly advise you to accompany your training with muscle strengthening, especially for the back and shoulders as these areas are heavily used during the execution of figures.

To tell you about my personal experience, when I started pole dancing, I really had no muscle. I hadn't done any sport for at least 6 years except for running once every 10 months. A friend of mine took me by chance to a pole dancing class and it was a revelation. I got addicted from the very first class and threw myself into it, doing 2 or 3 classes a week.

Having done classical dance, I learn quite quickly but a problem arose: I started to have a lot of pain in my middle back, whereas before this I had never had a backache in my life! When I thought about why, I realised that I lacked the muscles for inversions. I let this problem for a good year with recurrent pain that was quite severe but bearable so I didn't treat it until a rib finally broke!

In short, I'm telling you all this so that you don't find yourself in this kind of situation.

=> For all those who are starting out, who are afraid because you think you are too round, too thin, not muscular enough, not graceful enough and so on. Forget all that. We don't ask you these prerequisites to practice this sport, but on the contrary, it is this sport that will bring you all this in a soft and progressive way. While having fun and gaining confidence!! By practicing at your own pace, your will learn in a secure way.

And if you become addicted like I did and start to feel recurring pain, think about strengthening! Because we agree, weight training is not always fun but first: you avoid injuries ! And second: you are much more comfortable in your practice when you have the muscles to match!

Our team: Is there advice you give that you don't apply?

Marie: I try to really follow most of the advice I give because I truly believe in it. The only thing I'm not wise about, like many sports addicts, is not respecting the rest periods that are an integral part of training and the life of a sportsman. This avoids injuries and allows you to have more energy.

Our team: Do you have another passion besides pole?

Marie: I discovered wakeboarding on cable park this year and I'm totally addicted. I like learning new techniques and starting from scratch like when I started pole. As you probably know, I'm a bit of a daredevil and wakeboarding gives me the adrenaline that I don't get from pole dancing any more. My dreams are now split between pole and wakeboard :)

Our team: You have launched an online platform with Lucie, can you tell us a bit more about it?

Marie: Lucie and I took advantage of the time during covid, staying at home, to set up a project we had been working on for a long time. A platform of online courses that we named: The Pole lab. This platform allows you to learn step by step the pole dance thanks to video tutorials on absolutely all the figures of which one can dream. You can also find combos, transitions, reinforcements, stretchings, statics and many other things to accompany your learning in the studio or to train alone at home. Thanks to a monthly subscription with no obligation, you can have access to the entire platform.

And good news! The entire beginner level is free!! Here is the link:

Our team: We'll soon be spending a week in Sardinia, are you ready?

Marie: Oh yes, I'm ready! I can't wait to come to this pole camp and pass on my knowledge, to share emotional moments with our students as well as Loa and Olga.

I am looking forward to being there!

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