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Natasha Wang, her pole dance life in a few words

"Listen to your body", "cross train", "sleep", "don’t lose training motivation by comparing yourself to other pole dancers"

We have interviewed Natasha Wang, probably one of the most inspirational pole artists in order to know more about her training and advices.

Our team: Can you describe your pole career in 3 words? Natasha: Lucky, Adventurous & Gratifying Our team: Our have been competing again recently at IPC Pole Art Champion 2018, what is you advice to make progress fast? Natasha: Cross-train, eat clean, drink enough water, get 7-8 hours of sleep, and don’t lose training motivation by comparing yourself to other pole dancers on Instagram! Our team: What is your biggest pride? Natasha: Placing 2nd at Pole Art in Stockholm in 2011 with nerve damage in my left arm that caused my entire outer arm and hand to lose sensation. Our team: And what is your biggest mistake or weird situation? Natasha: Definitely falling off the pole on live TV during a morning talk show broadcast! Our team: Unfortunately falling is often part of a pole dancer life. Did you get injured in your pole career? Natasha: I’ve had some aches and strains, broken and dislocated toes, pinched nerves and occasional bursitis here and there, but nothing that has sidelined me more than a week. Our team: An advice to avoid it? Natasha: Listen to your body. Don’t fight it when it’s telling you it’s in pain. Don’t rush the learning process. Build up the foundations before you tackle the hard stuff. See above for the answer to “What is your advice to make progress fast?” because the answer is also the same . Cross-train for a balanced body, put clean and healthy foods into your body to fuel muscle development, stay hydrated for healthy joints, sleep 7-8 hours so your muscles can properly repair themselves, don’t let the latest social media pole fad force you to do the hardest, bendiest, craziest move when you’re not ready.

Our team: Thank you Natasha. Knowing your body and your limit, plus listening to advices from experienced pole instructors is crucial for a safe progress!

See you in Santorini for our next pole camp <3

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