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Fantastic Pole & Sea Camp is going to be in St Tropez !

Crazy atmosphere, combos and tricks !!! Don't miss this opportunity to join a week, learn new pole dance moves while enjoying a beautiful location on the beach.

Olga Trifonova, Benedicte Rinaldi and Loa Koalita are waiting for you !! :D

We have just finished our pole camp in Santorini island (Greece) and it is hard to find words to describe how intense it was: incredibly beautiful location, lots of laughs, new friendships from all over the world, amazing guests, tons of emotions and outstanding new tricks and combos !!

"It was such a nice and magical experience for body and soul! Thank you for a lot of fun and new crazy stuffs to work on"

"Thank you for organizing everything so perfect. I loved it!"


We would like to invite you now to our next pole camp happening from the 9th to the 15th of September in one of the most beautiful French cities.

St Tropez, France, is a must-see travel destination. From its beautiful beaches, its old port and historic center, its Provencal atmosphere to the numerous shops and galleries, St Tropez is a city that needs to be experienced at least once in your life!

And we have a very special package that captures the incredible essence of this spectacular Mediterranean town so that you can learn and have fun in the same time.

Olga Trifonova, astonishing and talented pole dancer. She started at the age of 8,5 years old and she is now an incredible artist: Winner star category Pole Art Cyprus 2016, Top stars finalist Pole Dance Championship 2016, Young elite winner Pole Art Italy 2016 and more!!

Bénédicte Rinaldi, ex gymnast for 12 years, beautiful pole dancer. Benedicte likes to mix acros in more artistic choreographies. 2nd runner up World Pole Art POSA 2018, Winner French Pole Dance Competition 2017, Best Show / 1st runner up Pole Art France 2017, etc !

Loa Koalita, certified pole dance instructor. Loa likes to share techniques, tips, tricks and combos to improve your strength, flexibility, fluidity, creativity and style. French Pole Championship 2017, Aerial Dance Show 2016 and more shows :)

A complete program has been designed for you to improve. You can come alone and meet new polers or bring friends and families as there is a lot of things to do on the Mediterranean coast.

Groups for all levels: beginners, inter and advanced.

Join us !! :)