Pole dancing and eating fat, is it compatible?

Natalia Tatarintseva, pole dancer, fitness and nutrition specialist, answered several questions about food for us. Our team: What is the link between food and sport performance? Natalia: Any of our sporting goals must be justified. And any athlete needs to have a body under the sport. To create a body - you need a special meal every day. Our team: Do you have one special food advice to give to people practicing regular pole dance? Natalia: Like other athletes, we need a source of recovery after sessions (proteins and fats) as well as a source of energy before the load to achieve maximum results in training (slow carbs). So take proteins and fats after your workout, and slow carbs like grains

I am a man pole dancing...

Pole dancing is sometimes associated with women performing in strip clubs. But this image is far from what it has became and you shouldn't be surprised any more to meet guys pole dancing. To understand better the reason why pole dance attracts a so large public, we have interviewed Evgeny Greshilov, one of our guests during Fanstastic Pole and Sea Camp. Our team: We know that pole dancing sometimes suffers from a bad image because of stereotypes. How is life being a male pole dancer? Evgeny: Actually I live it very well. I do this officially and all my relatives and friends know about it. Moreover all of them are supporting me. Our team: Does it change relations with women? Evgeny: Not reall

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