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I am a man pole dancing...

Pole dancing is sometimes associated with women performing in strip clubs. But this image is far from what it has became and you shouldn't be surprised any more to meet guys pole dancing. To understand better the reason why pole dance attracts a so large public, we have interviewed Evgeny Greshilov, one of our guests during Fanstastic Pole and Sea Camp.

Our team: We know that pole dancing sometimes suffers from a bad image because of stereotypes. How is life being a male pole dancer?

Evgeny: Actually I live it very well. I do this officially and all my relatives and friends know about it. Moreover all of them are supporting me.

Our team: Does it change relations with women?

Evgeny: Not really. Before starting doing pole, I used to work as a dancer, a choreographer and an aerial gymnast. I was studying, working, training and performing with women all the time. It is normal for me.

Our team: What do you like the most in pole dancing?

Evgeny: I really like that we don't have strict rules and we are free to do any style or presentation we prefer. For me personally, I love to combine all my past experience such as dance, drama studio and circus. As a teacher, I also really love the emotions of the people who are practicing pole dance. It is a lot of positive energy, fun and workout in the same time.

Our team: Thank you Evgeny. You are one proof that pole dancing is a very good form of exercice for everybody, and far from stereotypes!

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