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Set your goals !! by Anastasia Skukhtorova

This year I don’t know why but I get really sad by comments YOU ARE SO TALENTED. Or YOU ARE SO LUCKY. It is not about being talented or lucky it is about CRAZY HARD WORK you put in.

Of course it is nice to have talent. But if you sit on the couch with this talent it will not get you anywhere. I sacrificed a lot to be where I am now. And seeing these messages makes me sad. Because I understand that people don’t believe in themselves. They find a good excuse - oh but she is talented.

I was training every day, spending all money to private lessons and workshops with different people. Finding choreographers. Taking ballet, stretching, dancing, aerial silks and power classes. ALL IN ONE WEEK. I didn’t have a boyfriend or friends or parties for many years. Because I had a goal. I wanted to be one of the best. I wanted to win.

I told one of my coaches in Russia 9 years ago that I wanted to be a star. And everyone in the room were laughing at me. In my university, my classmates were laughing. And asking me when I will dance for them. Telling me that you need to be so strong and flexible to be able to do pole.

But I didn’t listen. I told myself and them - you will see. . . So set a goal ❤️ Write a plan. Write a date when you want to get it done. So you motivated to do it. See yourself getting there. See results in your dreams. And work hard for it. . Ps: I always write my dreams and goals on the paper or phone. And checking them out often ❤️

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