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Bendy Kate's advices to create your own choreography

You may want to create your own choreography but have difficulties to find creativity and choose your music.

We have interviewed Bendy Kate in order to get her little secrets... Will it be enough to make as good as her? ;) We hope it will help you to look wider and be able to find inspiration to express yourself.

Born to be different

The definition of creativity is 'the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness'. But creativity is completely different from one person to the next one. For me it is about expressing yourself with no hidden agendas. If the aim of your training is to create a new move, it will be near impossible to achieve this. Creativity happens when you are least expecting it; in the car, in a cafe, before you sleep etc.

Creativity is about being original, so my advice is to try not to 'copy' anyone else's ideas, but to take their ideas as your own inspiration to create something unique to you. Take inspiration from everywhere! From your family, music you hear out and about, different styles of dance and movement, colours, seasons, life experiences.

Always choose the song that you simply can't get out of your head, that you can already start to imagine movement to this music. If you struggle to find music, I also recommend that you ask friends & family for inspiration help, find the types of artists or beats you like and explore!

I feel like I am great at creating choreography for anyone but myself! Try not to fall into the trap of including what you think people want to see. Instead allow your imagination to go wild, and create for yourself and no one else. And if you have music where you can express your musicality use it to it's maximum potential!

Here is a video of Bendy Kate during Pole Art France 2017

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