Some more important topics than just pole dancing

Today we would like to share some more important topics than just pole dancing. Why do we organize our pole camps at this place in Sri Lanka?! Why is it for us a dreaming place?

This place is magical. This is where we first wanted to organize a pole camp and it feels us with happiness to share this paradise with new people each year. It seems like everything is possible here.

This is not yet so touristic and the resort we are working with is doing a lot for environment, for preserving the nature. - They don't sell plastic bottles but you will have a glass bottle in your bungalows and free water to fill it - They sell solar cream that cares about coral reefs - They help some schools in the village and promote education - They help to sterilize dogs becoming too many - They lead actions to clean some dirty areas

There is a lot of turtles, birds, dolphins and other animals here in Sri Lanka. But they still need to be educated to preserve it. Luckily the Sri Lankan Navy came and these 9 turtles were free to go and swim again :D

To all the people joining in a few days our pole camp in Sri Lanka: you can be happy to come and train with us, with also the great Anastasia Skukhtorova. It will be a unique experience pole dancing, discovering a lovely place, a new culture, enjoying a relaxing area with beautiful sunsets, living with squirrels at the top of your roofs, enjoying sun and warm weather!!

You can also be happy to stay in a place that respects environment and nature Kitesurfing Lanka

Be ready to learn, to discover, to feel, to live !!

For all our pole camps, we are looking for respectful partners. It is part of our values.

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