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Pole dancing and eating fat, is it compatible?

Natalia Tatarintseva, pole dancer, fitness and nutrition specialist, answered several questions about food for us.

Our team: What is the link between food and sport performance?

Natalia: Any of our sporting goals must be justified. And any athlete needs to have a body under the sport. To create a body - you need a special meal every day.

Our team: Do you have one special food advice to give to people practicing regular pole dance?

Natalia: Like other athletes, we need a source of recovery after sessions (proteins and fats) as well as a source of energy before the load to achieve maximum results in training (slow carbs). So take proteins and fats after your workout, and slow carbs like grains before.

Our team: We all know there are lots of different theory about food and it has always been a big society topic, could you tell us a common mistake people does when it comes to pole dance?

Natalia: First problem, people start training intensively because they become addicted to pole dance but they forget that the body needs time and food to restore strength and energy in muscles.

The second problem, daily food becomes scarce, so beginners often don't have enough energy and stamina. In this case the athlete requires food additives, but newcomers don't know a lot about supplements. And what is better to take!

Our team: What kind of nutriment does the body need the most during a pole dance training?


1.Omega 3 - good fats

2.Whey protein - easy proteins during the day

3.BCAA (amino acids) - muscles recovering

4.Antioxidants and vitamin C - to protect immune system

Our team: Thank you Natalia for this precious information. For those who would like to know more about food and nutrition, together with personalized advices, it is possible to book for private consultations with Natalia during Fantastic Pole & Sea camp.

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