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In the shoes of Kira Noire during a competition

Kira noire shared with us her feeling on a competition day.

Our team: What makes you want to compete in pole dance? Kira Noire: Oh, it is a complicated question. To be honest I don't like to compete. Exactly to compete, to be compared. We are all different and this is the best thing. I never go to the competition to win. Sometimes I win and it's awesome but the aim is different. The reason for me to compete is to share my pole dance vision with the audience. To express myself on the stage. Why competitions? It makes me work harder, because I know that if I share the stage with those awesome pole dancers I have to be good (not better). I have to respect the organizers, the judges and audience and try my best. When the championship is coming I get an adrenalin which gives me some creative inspiration. My mind somehow finds interesting ideas, starts to come up some choreo or combos. So I just put my mind into a creative mood. And I really enjoy the process of creating the routine.

The competition is not about who is the better pole dancer. But who will make a better routine according with the rules and conditions, and not only make but also perform it here and now on this stage, for this audience and this judges. So this is the way to check your possibilities. You challenge yourself to know how hard you can work, how much you can do. I really feel that I grow up when I compete. And it is not about tricks level, but about my confidence which is based on the experience.

But there is also another side. Competitions destroy my body. It's so much pressure and responsibility all the time and hard trainings. Almost every time when I compete I get some injuries. When you can't make true your ideas you suffer a lot and this mental pressure comes to your body as an injury. I try to avoid it telling myself that even if I'll do everything bad on the stage nothing really bad in my life will happen. My last couple competitions I almost passed with no big problems. So competition is a big mental work to find a harmony inside. And I get so much inspiration from the other participants, from the audience, from my own feeling on the stage.

Our team: What do you feel once your performance is finished? Kira Noire: Happiness :) Often before the stage I feel "what am I doing here? Why? Why not just enjoying my pole trainings? Why all the time I push myself to this suffering" And right after the performance I feel why. I won myself, my fears, my weakness. I feel the energy of the audience. I share with them and they take it. And they give me back even much more. I expressed myself, something from deep inside, I made it true. This is miracle!

And then I feel that I did a lot of mistakes. I get my experience and now I know the next steps I need to make. I want to improve it and next time make it better.

Our team: Any advice you could give to pole dancers willing to compete? Kira Noire: Yes :) Good luck! Just love what you do and do what you love and you will find your way. Enjoy your every single practice. Of course for the competition you need to work hard. Sometimes you need to get over your limits to get better, but only if you really feel better on this way. One day you will feel that you want to make it to the competition, because you are ready to try yourself, you want to share. The really good thing is to have a teacher. You are lucky if you have someone who inspires you and motivates you. Hopefully you can find someone who will able to create something for you exactly, what fits you, your body and your feelings. Either you can work by yourself, just doing what you like and grow up in your own way. Honestly this is the key I would say that all this makes sense as long as you have fun. Otherwise what a reason to do it? Love is the answer.