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Bendy Kate
Bendy Kate
Bendy Kate
Bendy Kate
Bendy Kate

Bendy Kate is a woman of many talents. She is a contemporary and original performer specialising in pole, aerial, hand balancing and acrobatics.


She is a passionate teacher; she uses her vast knowledge of the human body, her gymnastics background and experience to travel the world teaching masterclasses.

She makes sure every single performance is unique, different from the last and meorable leaving a long lasting impresion on the audence. She has won titles such as:

  • Pole Art France Champion 2017

  • IPC Pole fit Champion 2015

  • World Pole Dance Champion 2014

  • IPSF World Pole Sports Runner Up 2013

  • UK Professional Pole Elite Champion 2012

Loa Koalita
Loa Koalita
Loa Koalita
Loa Koalita
Loa Koalita

Loa Koalita is pole dancing since 2010 and she is part of Aerial Dance Geneva team, where she takes pleasure in teaching pole dance and stretching classes. After years of ballet and funk hip hop, Loa Koalita finally move towards pole dance and she excels in bringing her passion to new comers and more advanced dancers.

Loa Koalita is a certified pole dance and yoga teacher. She want to share techniques, tips, tricks and combos to improve your strength, flexibility, fluidity, creativity and style. Loa has performed several times for shows/competitions (Aerial Dance Show, Pole Fusion Festival, French Pole Championship) and private events. Her pedagogy and experience make of her an excellent teacher and dancer.

Loa Koalita is preparing dedicated workshops for this pole camp, with the aim to enrich your tricks and combos on both static and spinning poles, to bring you techniques and to make you more confident while dancing. All of her workshops are different (from one pole camp to another one).

Kitesurfing Lanka team
Leo - Kitesurfing Lanka
Wendy - Kitesurfing Lanka
Kitesurfing Lanka team

Dilsiri (Dil) and Léo are the two directors of Kitesurfing Lanka.

Dilsiri Welikala is well known in Sri Lanka for his passion for all watersports and nature. Interestingly enough before deciding to live by the beach, he worked in a company that made Victoria's secret! He has a passion for the arts, the dances and he loves to play scrabble.

Léo is a fanatic for any sliding sports (kitesurf, kitesnow, paragliding, etc.) Léo is french and come from Pontarlier. He went the first time in Sri Lanka with his dad on holidays in his teens and loved this country! Dil and Léo are really happy to welcome you in their hotel and kiteschool.

They have a lot of companionship in Kitesurfing Lanka. Tikiri is the resident manager, always smiling and cheerful. Mischi is the kiteschool manager, a colourfull character who can teach in 5 languages! Rajitha, the barman, is also an artist and likes drawing. Chef Samson, the cooker, and more are also part of the team! And not forgotten, Wendy the dog



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