Choose your package: "pole dance and kitesurf" OR "pole dance and dolphins"

Pole dance instructor: Loa Koalita

Kitesurf team: Kitesurfing Lanka 

Dates: 11 - 17 February 2018

Beginning around 5pm on Sunday and end around 12am on Saturday


What is included:

-  12h of pole dance workshops for « pole and dolphins » ; 

   9h of pole dance workshops for « pole and kitesurf » 

-  Free access to the poles when they are not used

-  2 activities (dolphins watching from a boat and mangrove tour) for « pole and dolphins »

   3 half days kitesurfing for « pole and kitesurf » 

-  6 nights in a bungalow with full board (3 meals a day and free tea, coffee and water at any time)

-  2 stretching classes and 1 yoga class (on the yoga platform over the water)

-  30 minutes of massage

-  A photo shooting on the beach

-  A local cooking class

-  Free use of paddles and bikes

-  Some surprises and gifts

Pole dance: groups according to level / maximum 10 people per group

Kitesurf: 2 or 3 people per group

Price: 1130€ in a tent  -  1215€ in a bungalow

It is possible to book for extra hours of pole dance and kitesurf.

Prices with Loa Koalita (1h15):

50€ 1 person, 25€ /pers for more

CompanionNon polers (friends, family, children, kitesurfers) are welcome! They can dive and even get the PADI, make a yoga retreat (intense or light – with possibility to adapt their yoga schedule with your pole schedule), visit some temples (Sri Lanka is known for his “Cultural Triangle” temples), have massages, kitesurf in February, do with you the dolphins watching and the mangrove tour, do paddle, bike, the cooking class… Some babysitting is possible for children.

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Workshops program


  • Be strong

This class focuses on strength spins, tricks and transitions adapted to levels. Specific details of the execution of each move will be explained and different ways to get in and out will be presented. You will work on technique, amplitude and proper position to better balance and manage the same move by using less strength. 

  • I can't stop turning

This workshop is focused on tricks, combos and transitions on spinning pole. You will learn how to climb beautifully, take speed from the start and then how to keep this speed during your whole combos and making nice tricks. Different variations, tricks and combos will be taught to give you a lot to practice. 

  • Floorwork

In this workshop you will learn beautiful moves on the floor and around the pole.

  • Like a chewing gum

This workshop is focused on moves using flexibility but variations will also be given for the less flexible ones. You will learn nice and smooth transitions and focus on techniques and tips to look more bendy and open. 

  • Loa’s signature combos

On this workshop you will learn new combos, using a mix of strength, flexibility, fluidity and power and focusing on cleanness of execution and transitions. How to create your own combos, how to work with the energy, how to make a same movement looks different.

  • Static Pole

This workshop is focused on static moves and transitions. You will learn techniques, tricks and combos, including tips to give the impression you are spinning even though you are on a static pole.

  • Choreography

On this workshop you will dance Loa’s signature choreography. You will work on floor work, combos and transitions and work with accents of music to share emotions with an imaginary public.

  • Let it go

This class is focused on creativity and inspiration when you are pole dancing. How to tell a story while dancing, how to give intention to each move, how to live your pole dance differently and how to let your imagination go. You will work on exercises that will help you to better feel your movements.

Fantastic Pole & Sea Camp packages don’t include transportation, visa, passport, drinks, extra activities and days of visit before and after the one week camp. You also need to have your own travel, health and civil responsibility insurances.

Fantastic Pole & Sea Camp reserves the right to make the plannings evolve.

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