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Pole camp - Pole dance Kira Noire
Pole Dance (all levels -> groups)

Pole dance is the main activity of this pole camp and you will all get the chance to train 7 to 17 hours according to your week choice. The program of the pole camp is designed to make you evolve from the first day to the last one and thought by the teachers together to be various and complete.

The thematics will be picked among:

  • Spinning pole

  • Extreme pole 

  • Static pole

  • Signature moves

  • Flexy pole

  • Power pole

  • Choreography

  • Let it go

All these thematics will be adapted to your group level.

Pole camp - Stretching
Pole camp - Yoga
Pole camp - dolphins
Pole camp - mangrove tour
Pole camp - massage
pole camp - kitesurf
Pole camp - temples
Pole camp - safari
pole camp - non polers

Stretching is included in the package. It will make you work all the parts of the back, shoulders, legs... in order to increase your flexibility and elasticity.


You can experience Hatha yoga lessons on a magical wooden outdoor platform, over the water and facing the sunset when it is time. Or directly on the beach. You will work on the union between your body and your soul through meditation, breathing and practicing asana (body postures).

It is possible for non polers to organize yoga sessions each time polers have a pole dance sessions.

Boat tour in the ocean to see dolphins 

Kalpitiya is mostly popular because of the dolphins visiting its waters from January to April. And this is the best place in Sri Lanka to see them so keep your eyes opened! Spinner dolphins are the most common but you can also see sperm whales, humpback dolphins, blue whales, minke, melon-headed and others. 

Mangrove lagoon tour and bird watching

Kown for its serene beauty, its lagoon and its beaches, Kalpitiya is a place to visit when travelling in Sri Lanka. During this excursion on a boat, you will discover some nice villages, churchs and places you will access though the mangrove. It is a very nice way to watch birds, enjoy beautiful beach views and discover the peaceful area. Take it easy and enjoy :)


You can enjoy the spa center and choose a massage among the different types  of massage: relaxing, deep tissue, sport, thai, hot stones and cup therapy. Kitesurfing Lanka also offers steam bath treatment with srilankan ayurvedic herbals which helps detoxing the body and provide emotional and physical relaxation.

Kitesurf (all levels)

Kitesurf is an optional activity in February. At this period of the year, the wind comes in the afternoon (thermic wind) and it blows at an average of 12-25 knots. Kalpitiya is really famous in the world for kitesurf. Its lagoon is a perfect spot for beginners thanks to its flat and shallow lagoon and for freestylers going in the waves of the ocean. Kitesurfing Lanka School has IKO instructors for all levels. You will have 9 hours of class included in the package in February, in really small groups (2-3 people).

It's posssible to book for extra hours of kitesurf.

Price for 3h: 135€ 1 person

                   90€ /pers for more

Anuradhapura temple (Cultural Triangle)

Anuradhapura is one of the ancient cities in Sri Lanka, well known for its ruins depicting early Sri Lankan civilization. It is very famous among Buddhists pilgrims. Anuradhapura was earlier the capital of the Island (in ancient times) and most of the Kings who ruled Sri Lanka resided in this vast city. The city is now named as a world heritage site by UNESCO. 

Safari - Wilpattu National Park (optional activity)

The safari in Wilpattu National Park gives you the opportunity to see leopards, crocodiles, birds and many more. But they are free so there is no guarantee. The departure to the park is from the hotel.

It is not included in the package but you can stay one more day for this.

And More... For Non Polers as well !

- Scuba diving (PADI course)

- Kayaking

- Paddle SUP

- Bicycle

- National park and temples (Anuradhapura, Minthale, etc.)

- Plantations (papaya, banana, etc.)

- Initiatives to help Kalpitiya village development

- Babysitting for children!

These activities can be organised on demand.

If your non-polers friends and families want to join mangrove / dolphins / temples tours with you, we will arrange so that you are together. 

We have babysitters for children.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information. 

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