One week of pole camp with intense pole dance training in a very exotic destination

Fantastic Pole & Sea Camp has customized for you a great program of pole dance workshops and activities.

You will enjoy here an amazing nature and you will see that pole dancing in a closed area or in this kind of place is very different. We hope that you will be able to feel different, to take inspiration from each other and from the environment, to learn from the experienced instructors Bendy Kate and Loa Koalita and to relax and come back full of energy after this pole camp!


There will be groups according to levels (maximum 10 people in each group) in order to have specific workshops adapted to your levels and close contact with the instructors. 


You will enjoy the beach, the sunsets, the food etc. You will meet people from all over the world. You will get fitter and learn lots of new combos, acros, techniques and choreography ideas.

Also, thanks to a richly diverse program of activities including a dolphins and a mangrove tour, you will get to discover the country and you will keep beautiful memories. 

Kalpitiya is popular for the dolphins visiting its waters from January to April. And this is the best place in Sri Lanka to see them so keep your eyes opened!

Kown for its serene beauty, its lagoon and its beaches, we have also included a mangrove tour to discover some nice villages, churchs and places you will access though the mangrove. It is a very nice way to watch birds, enjoy beautiful beach views and discover the peaceful area.

Pole camp Sri Lanka
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Pole camp Sri Lanka
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Pole camp Sri Lanka
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Pole camp Sri Lanka
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Pole camp Sri Lanka
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Pole camp Sri Lanka
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Pole camp Sri Lanka
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Pole camp Sri Lanka
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Pole camp Sri Lanka
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Last, we will help you to organize any more activities you would like to include during your holidays and it is possible to stay as many days as your want in the resort.

Examples of additional excursions:

  • Anuradhapura: one of the ancient cities in Sri Lanka. Anuradhapura was earlier the capital of the Island (in ancient times) and most of the Kings who ruled Sri Lanka resided in this vast city. The city is now named as a world heritage site by UNESCO. 

  • Wilpattu National Park: this safari gives you the opportunity to see leopards, crocodiles, birds and many more. But they are free so there is no guarantee. Great experience.

  • And more!! Minthale, Scuba diving (PADI course), Kayaking, Paddle SUP, Kitesurfing, Plantations (papaya, banana, tea, etc.)


These activities can be organised on demand. Besides, if your non-polers friends and families want to join mangrove / dolphins tours with you, we will arrange so that you are together. 

Workshops programs


  • Melt Pole 

Learn pole transitions that melt seamlessely into each other. This is Bendy’s favourite workshop to teach, and you will soon find out why. Make your pole work look elegant and effortless with Bendy’s slow and smooth pole mastery. This pole workshop can contain grounded flow, fluid spinning and static transitions, rotations, along with spirals, lifts and aerial pole choreography.
“It’s not what you do, but how you do it”

  • Pole fiction / choreography

Lose your inhibitions and get lost in Bendy’s latest pole choreographies. Learn a full routine and perform it alongside Bendy and the rest of the class, whilst getting fully immersed in the character and choreography. In this workshop, you will feel the cardio benefits that you don’t always get from regular pole classes. Bendy is known for her quirky choreography, story telling, low flow and musicality and this is one of her favourite classes to teach.

  • Poise

This workshop is all about pole and hand balancing! Learn Bendy’s favourite pole/ handstand transitions, poses and more! Whether you want to push your balance further or just get to grips with it, this workshop is perfect for handstand lovers or people looking to overcome a fear of handstands.

  • Bendy Pole

This workshop will include some of the favorite Bendy combos and acros.

  • Creative Stretching (optional workshop)

One of the key aspects to flexibility training is creativity! Keeping stretching fresh, fun and inspirational will help you to continue or kick start your flexibility progression.
In this workshop you will learn creative sequences and series created by Bendy.  It will incorporate dance, anatomy, partner stretches and contortion, and is guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired!

  • Conditioning / injury prevention (optional workshop)

In this workshop you will learn conditioning exercices and tips not to get injured when pole dancing.


  • Like a chewing gum

This workshop is focused on moves using flexibility but variations will also be given for the less flexible ones. You will learn nice and smooth transitions and focus on techniques and tips to look more bendy and open. 

  • Loa’s signature combos

On this workshop you will learn new combos, using a mix of strength, flexibility, fluidity and power and focusing on cleanness of execution and transitions. How to work with the energy, how to make a same movement looks different.

  • Spinning pole

This workshop is focused on tricks, combos and transitions on spinning pole. You will learn how to climb beautifully, take speed from the start and then how to keep this speed during your whole combos and making nice tricks. Different variations, tricks and combos will be taught to give you a lot to practice.

  • Let it go

This class is focused on creativity and inspiration when you are pole dancing. How to tell a story while dancing, how to give intention to each move, how to live your pole dance differently and how to let your imagination go. You will work on exercises that will help you to better feel your movements.

  • Stretching

This workshop will make you work all the parts of the back, shoulders, legs... in order to increase your flexibility and elasticity.

  • Yoga

You can experience Vinyasa yoga lessons on a magical wooden outdoor platform, over the water and facing the sunset when it is time. Or directly on the beach. You will work on the union between your body and your soul through breathing and practicing asana (body postures).



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