"It has been a life changing experience I feel honored to be a part of such a fantastic group of people. This training is taking me to a whole new level. An awesome learning experience, which can be used in all areas of my life, enabling me to help others progress towards the life they desire. You guys rock! Thank you so much for creating such a brilliant training program. Just keep up the great work and hold on to those core values you clearly all have. Fantastic Thank you."

Sergio, participant of October 2017

"Ce pole camp est complet, il propose des workshops très complémentaires les uns les autres, avec des activités annexes top! Le cadre est magnifique et apaisant, la plage à 2 minutes, idéal pour se reposer après les workshops intensifs. Et en plus, Loa est une super prof! J'ai hâte de pouvoir vite refaire un nouveau pole camp. Merci Loa :)"

Carole, participante en Octobre 2017

"Very dynamic and accessible pole dance teachers always present to help you and explain. We have learned a lot and the ambiance was great, in a beautiful country!!"

Anita, participant of January 2017  

"Thanks to all of you for this amazing week. I really enjoyed spending time together, practicing and sharing our passion. Thanks to Loa and Natalia for the pole signature classes; I really learned a lot and that gave me more motivation and inspiration. Thanks to all hotel staff and especially the chef for amazing food and desert!!! Hope to see you soon somewhere in this small world!!"

Anonym, participant of January 2017  

"Thank you Loa! This camp is fantastic. It is very clear how much planning and effort you invested. You're an amazing instructor and a coordinator. Keeping so many different personalities happy is not easy and you succeeded!!"

Anonym, participant of Mai 2018  

"It was such a nice and magical experience for body and soul! Thank you for a lot of fun and new crazy stuffs to work on"

Anonym, participant of Mai 2018  

"Super camp dans un endroit magnifique. J'ai adoré pouvoir faire de la pole et du kite au même endroit. Merci pour toutes les activités proposées et surprises durant le camp. A refaire sans hésitation. Merci Loa Koalita."

Ambre, participante en Février 2017  

"PARFAIT! J'ai passé une semaine sensationnelle, activités variées et ambiance excellente !!!"

Roxane, participant of February 2017  

En voir plus

"My pole friends, I want to share with you my experience about Fantastic Pole & Sea camp in Sri Lanka. When I just arrived to that land, I was thinking that I was out of my comfort here, also because there has never been pole dance in that country before. But I was absolutely wrong and I realized that I was at the most amazing place ever!!! And pole dance was part of this paradise! 
Loa - the creator of the idea to bring poles in this country - she is beautiful person, she arranged everything for me and for the girls who decided to visit her pole camp! Food, safety, bed and roof!!! And that amazing air around us!!!! So friendly air, so fresh and clean emotions, so amazing nature! 
Thanks to Loa, thanks for ladies who joined our pole classes at Fantastic Pole and Sea Camp, thanks to Kitesurfing Lanka for your home! I am happy that now I have new friends and I have a place where I can go again for life, for fun, for pole..."

Natalia Natarintseva, world pole champion and teacher in January 2017

"Thank you for organizing such a wonderful pole camp, I couldn't dream of a better week"

Participant of March 2017  

"Ce pole camp est absolument génial, autant pour le lieu que pour les activités. N'hésitez pas, foncez!!"

Participant of March 2017  

"Mon premier camp de pole dance mais certainement pas le dernier. Tout était génial, les profs, le lieu, les filles et cela m'a permis de progresser en m'amusant. Un grand merci!"

Maria, participant of March 2017  

"It was a very perfect week, the guests and the planning were excellent. Thank you Loa for your organization and teaching. Thanks to Kira and Evgeny for being professional and fun! I had a great time and would recommend it for sure!"

Participant of March 2017  

"Amazing camp. I will never forget this experience. So happy to have the chance to do it!"

Participant of March 2017  

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