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Sun, 10 May


Pelagos Hotel

Pole Camp Santorini

10 - 16 May 2020 ! The beauty of this volcanic island will awaken your senses! Learn pole dance with Natalia Tatarintseva, Kseniia Kochenkova and Loa Koalita.

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Pole Camp Santorini

Dates and location

10 May 2020, 18:00 – 16 May 2020, 12:00

Pelagos Hotel, Oia, Thira 847 02, Grèce

About the pole camp

Groups for all levels: beginners / inter, intermediates + and advanced


From the 10th (18h00) to the 16th (12h00) of May 

What is included:

  • 6 nights in traditional Cycladic bungalows, including breakfasts
  • 5 dinners at our delightful restaurant, next to the swimming pool and in the shade of the vineyards 
  • 15h of workshops (tricks, combos, choreography, stretching and strengthening) 
  • Free pole access when not used
  • Free swimming pool access
  • 1 massage
  • 1 photo shoot (for souvenirs)
  • 1 boat tour (great excursion to discover the Caldera, hot springs, volcano and Thirasia)
  • Some goodies and surprises !!

If you want to train even more, optional workshops will also be planned (extra cost).

And it is possible to arrive one day before (extra cost).

You will have some free time during the camp to visit Oia (the famous buildings with blue roofs), go to different beaches, taste some wine, go kayaking, visit an archeological site… Non polers are welcome as it is a beautiful place to discover :)

The location:


You will stay in a beautiful hotel in Santorini, located just in front of Baxedes beach, among vineyards and gardens.

​You will be able to choose to swim in the beach of the hotel, or in one of the nearby beaches (Columbo, Paradisos, Pori), or to take a dive in the amazing swimming pool (10m x 20m)!! 

There is also a fully equipped bar and a nice restaurant, where you will relax drinking a coffee or cocktail and trying traditional Greek cuisine next to the swimming pool and in the shade of the vineyards. 

In perfect harmony with the landscape, the hotel consists of traditional Cycladic bungalows among gardens and pots filled with local plants and flowers. Plus, there is also a massage center, a yoga hall and a pole dance space.  

Everything is at the same place so that you can fully dedicate your time to pole dancing, relaxing, visiting and having fun. 

To come, you can take a plane to Santorini airport or a boat to Santorini port and from there we can organize a taxi for you :)

Our instructors:


Discover our team, composed by Natalia Tatarintseva - one of the most creative and popular pole artists, the great Kseniia Kochenkova - winner of the elite title at Pole art Greece 2016, finalist at IPSF World Championship 2017 and Loa Koalita - passionate pole dancer since 2010, certified teacher and organizer of the camp. 


Natalia Tatarintseva

For those who don't know Natalia, she is an athlete, a pole dancer and also an artist! She started gymnastics when she was just four years old and started to compete very young. In 2007, Natalia Tatarintseva started to learn different dance disciplines for fun, and to perform in some small show groups. Then in 2010, she tried Pole Sport for the first time. The following year, Natalia Tatarintseva started to compete nationally, winning the People’s Choice Award for one of the competitions. Natalia’s numerous pole titles include:  winner of Arial Pole International 2012 in Bern, winner at World Pole Sport Championship in London 2012, winner of Miss World Pole Dance & Fitness in Zürich 2012, best Performer of the 2012-2013 - IPS Award 2013, 2nd place of Pole Art Cyprus 2015, 4th place of Pole Art Italy 2016, etc.  We love her style, her technique, her grace and her kindness besides her exigency and creativity. During our pole camp she will teach tricks, transitions, combos, tango choreography and flexibility workshops. 

Kseniia Kochenkova

Born in Ukraine and ex aerobic gymnastics competitor, Kseniia Kochenkova is an amazing pole dancer. She discovered pole dance in 2013 and after a few experiences in China and Turkey, she chose to settle in Greece where she now teaches and trains. Hard! Greek pole dance champion, she won the elite title at Pole art Greece 2016, was among the top10 at the World pole sport Championship in Florence 2016 and took a part at Worlds IPSF Championship 2017. Totally dedicated to sport, she trains everywhere: outside, on the beach, at home... she prepares every competition with a warrior program! But don't be afraid, she loves to teach, share and see her students progress. She will give you every tip to avoid frustration and progress a lot in a week program! You will learn different power combos and transitions with Kseniia as well as pole acrobatics with spins, drops, regrips... adapted to your levels from beginners to very advanced. She will also give an optional exotic dance workshop with heels so that you can try your skills in a choreography. 

Loa Koalita

Loa Koalita is pole dancing since 2010 and she is part of Aerial Dance Geneva team, where she takes pleasure in teaching pole dance and stretching classes. After years of ballet and funk hip hop, Loa Koalita finally move towards pole dance and she excels in bringing her passion to new comers and more advanced dancers. Loa Koalita is a certified pole dance and yoga teacher. She wants to share techniques, tips, tricks and combos to improve your strength, flexibility, fluidity, creativity and style. Loa has performed several times for shows/competitions (Aerial Dance Show, Pole Fusion Festival, French Pole Championship) and private events. Her pedagogy and experience make of her an excellent teacher and dancer.  Loa Koalita is preparing dedicated workshops for this pole camp, with the aim to enrich your tricks and combos on both static and spinning poles, to bring you techniques and to make you more confident while dancing.  

The workshops:

We have customized for you a program of pole dance workshops and activities with 3 great pole instructors: Natalia Tatarintseva, Kseniia Kochenkova and Loa Koalita. 


Natalia Tatarintseva's workshops  

  • Tango on the pole: during this dance workshop, Natalia will teach you one choreography in her own style with classic tango sound. She will explain you all moves step by step, before you can do the whole combination with music! Natalia will teach you music rhythm, tempo and style!
  • Transitions and combos: this workshop includes transitions and tricks, all in combos. Variations will be taught according to levels.
  • Spinning pole tricks and combos: this workshop is constantly updated with Natalia’s favorite tricks and combos on a spinning pole. Natalia doesn't say much in advance about her program for this workshop, it will be according to her inspiration. Ready to learn completely new ideas? 
  • Flexy pole (optional workshop): what Natalia loves the most ? Probably bendy stuff. Let her teach some flexy tricks on the pole. For high inter and advanced students only.
  • Stretching and flexiblity (optional workshop): Natalia likes to stretch and to share all her secrets to make you bendier, to increase elasticity and flexibility. One of the must do workshops, to come back home with lots of exercises to keep working on.

 Kseniia Kochenkova's workshops 

  • Pole power combos and transitions: this pole dance workshop starts with a warm up and focus on power tricks that will be adapted to each level from beginners to advanced. For example for the advanced classes, all tips and technics for deadlifts will be explained. And for all levels, nice combos and transitions will be taught by Kseniia.
  • Pole acrobatics: this workshop is about acrobatic moves, mostly on a static pole. You will learn drops, spins on static, and for the more advanced fonji and regrips. 
  • Strengthening and acros: Kseniia will give you this workshop so that you can improve your strengh and manage better some new pole dance moves later on. She is training hard everyday and you will discover part of her intense trainings thanks to this workshop.
  • Exotic dance with heels (optional workshop): this workshop will be an exotic choreography created by Kseniia. You can bring your heels and have fun during this class. Let your femininity express!
  • Flexy sexy (optional workshop): Kseniia will teach you sexy and flexy pole combos and tricks.

 Loa Koalita's workshop

  •  Loa’s signature combos: on this workshop you will learn new combos, using a mix of strength, flexibility and fluidity and focusing on cleanness of execution and transitions. How to create your own combos, how to work with the energy, how to make a same movement looks different.
  • Spinning Pole: this workshop is focused on tricks, combos and transitions on spinning pole. You will learn how to climb beautifully, take speed from the start and then how to keep this speed during your whole combos. Different variations, tricks and combos will be taught to give you a lot to practice. And of course some nice tricks adapted to your level!
  • Pole & Precision: this workshop is focused on techniques, to find the good balance, the exact position to go in a trick, to hold a posture.
  • Stretching: this workshop will make you work all the parts of the back, shoulders, legs... in order to increase your flexibility and elasticity.

Price for the camp: 

For a poler:

  • Shared room (2 to 4 people) : 1’495 €
  • Individual room : 1’995 €

 Non poler:

  • Shared room (2 pers) + half board + boat tour : 910 €
  • Shared room (3 or 4 pers) + half board + boat tour : 710 €

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