World Pole Champions !!

Anastasia Skukhtorova


Anastasia Skukhtorova has over 11 years of experience in pole dance. She began her journey in 2008. After training for several hours, multiple times a week, her hard work paid off and she got second place at the Russian Pole Fitness Championship in 2010. In 2011, she got third place at Pole Art in Helsinki. At the Pole World Cup in 2012, she placed third, but came back in 2013, and earned first place! You may also remember her from Russian’s Got Talent 2013. With her continued success, she has begun traveling the world, performing, judging, and instructing. 


Anastasia is a graceful and talented pole dancer, focusing on details and how to combinate artistic and athletic elements. She likes to share many of her tips, tricks and training methods so that you master pole foundamental movements, increase your flexibility and learn new pole dance tricks and combos.

Anastasia Skukhtorova will have a menu of workshops for you during our pole camp. So many moves to learn with her!

Loa Koalita


Loa Koalita is pole dancing since 2010 and she is part of Aerial Dance Geneva team, where she takes pleasure in teaching pole dance and stretching classes. After years of ballet and funk hip hop, Loa Koalita finally move towards pole dance and she excels in bringing her passion to new comers and more advanced dancers.

Loa Koalita is a certified pole dance and yoga teacher. She want to share techniques, tips, tricks and combos to improve your strength, flexibility, fluidity, creativity and style. Loa has performed several times for shows/competitions (Aerial Dance Show, Pole Fusion Festival, French Pole Championship) and private events. Her pedagogy and experience make of her an excellent teacher and dancer.

Loa Koalita is preparing dedicated workshops for this pole camp, with the aim to enrich your tricks and combos on both static and spinning poles, to bring you techniques and to make you more confident while dancing. 



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