Intense pole dance training, fun, sea and relax!! 

Fantastic Pole & Sea Camp has customized for you a great program of pole dance workshops and activities.

And you will be the lucky ones able to train with the World Pole Champions Anastasia Skukhtorova and our passionated pole teacher Loa Koalita !!

You will enjoy here a beautiful beach, nice bungalows, relaxing at the spa, a nice and big swimming pool, the beauty of the location during the photo shoot, a visit of St Tropez, a great excursion to discover the Mediterranean littoral... Everything is at the same place so that you can fully dedicate your time to pole dancing, relaxing, visiting and having fun

It is also possible during your free time to organize more activities: VTT, wakeboard, flyboard, massages, hairdresser, visit the French Riviera and Provencal villages (Ramatuelle, Port Grimaud), taste some wine...



Here is an example of planning. The exact one will be sent to you one or two months before the pole camp :)

If you are not available the full week but want to join some workshops / activities -> contact us for more info

Workshops description

Your planning includes the following workshops. All of them will be adapted to the different levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced).



     Our uncontested and graceful pole artist !! 


  • Instatricks with Ana

All insta tricks you can see Anastasia doing. Headstands with pole and some of her favorite combos, according to levels.

  • World of spin

In this workshop you are going to focus on the spinning pole. You will learn beautiful combos and different transitions with cute shapes.

  • Bendy and healthy

In this class Anastasia is teaching her way of safe stretching. You will learn how to make your upper back, lower back and your shoulders more mobile and flexible. While doing this workshop you will understand what exercises to do to be able to perform Rainbow Marchenko, Cocoon, Eagle(biellman) etc. Wear warm-up clothing so your body can stay warm. 

  • Pole Art 

Beautiful lyrical choreo with the pole in Anastasia’s style


Our dedicated pole, stretching and yoga teacher

  • Loa’s signature combos

On this workshop you will learn new combos, using a mix of strength, flexibility, fluidity and power and focusing on cleanness of execution and transitions. How to work with the energy, how to make a same movement looks different.

  • I can't stop turning

This workshop is focused on tricks, combos and transitions on spinning pole. You will learn how to climb beautifully, take speed from the start and then how to keep this speed during your whole combos and making nice tricks. Different tricks and combos will be taught to give you a lot to practice. 

  • Pole & Precision

This workshop is focused on techniques, to find the good balance, the exact position to go in a new trick, to hold a posture.

  • Flexy pole

This workshop is focused on moves using flexibility. You will learn nice and smooth transitions and focus on techniques and tips to look more bendy and open. ​The theory of flexy movements is not less important than your flexibility.

  • Stretching

During this workshop you will gradually work through all the parts of the back, shoulders, arms, legs, knees and toes. Loa will give you a lot of exercices to be able to work on your flexibility alone also after this class, to be bendier with your back, shoulders, legs... working on the flexibility and elasticity of muscles and joints and with no traumatic exercices.​

  • Workshop 10

Program to confirm

Optional workshops coming!!!!



Dates & Price

Fantastic Pole & Sea Camp reserves the right to make the plannings evolve.

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