World Pole Champions !!


Olga started pole dancing at the age of 8,5 and she improved an incredible way! Already after several weeks of trainings she was on stage during the gala show of the studio Trash. Her develoment was rapid and she became a well known pole dancer after a few years.


Her passion is not only about pole but lots about dancing. She loves to learn new styles and to combine them with the pole.

It is an honor to invite her to give workshops during our pole camp, because she is so talented and we can all learn a lot from her. Her workshops will include dynamic and original combos, that she will share with a big passion and sunny mood!

Olga’s pole titles include: 

Winner star category Pole Art Cyprus 2016

Top stars finalist Pole Dance Championship 2016

Young elite winner Pole Art Italy 2016

Elite women winner Pole Art France 2015

Junion winner Pole Art Cyprus 2014

Winner of the TV show 'Minute of Frame' 2014 in Russia

Bénédicte Rinaldi

We are happy to introduce you the strong and beautiful Bénédicte Rinaldi :)

Benedicte has a gymnastic background and she practiced for 12 years at a competition level. Her speciality was the floor, mixing dance and acrobatics and it was natural for her to start pole dancing.


She likes moves using run-up and she will teach you some of her favorite combos. Her signature moves mix strength and flexibility, and also acrobatics. She likes to include this gymnastics style in more artistic choreographies.

Some of her titles include:

2nd runner up World Pole Art POSA 2018
Winner French Pole Dance Competition 2017

Best Show / 1st runner up Pole Art France 2017

Top 10 finalist World Pole Sport Championships POSA 2016 & 17
2nd runner up Pole Art Cyprus 2015 Pro
French Pole Sports Champion IPSF 2015
Pole Theater Paris 2014 Winner (Overall and Drama)

Loa Koalita

Loa Koalita is pole dancing since 2010 and she is part of Aerial Dance Geneva team, where she takes pleasure in teaching pole dance and stretching classes. After years of ballet and funk hip hop, Loa Koalita finally move towards pole dance and she excels in bringing her passion to new comers and more advanced dancers.

Loa Koalita is a certified pole dance and yoga teacher. She want to share techniques, tips, tricks and combos to improve your strength, flexibility, fluidity, creativity and style. Loa has performed several times for shows/competitions (Aerial Dance Show, Pole Fusion Festival, French Pole Championship) and private events. Her pedagogy and experience make of her an excellent teacher and dancer.

Loa Koalita is preparing dedicated workshops for this pole camp, with the aim to enrich your tricks and combos on both static and spinning poles, to bring you techniques and to make you more confident while dancing. 



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